burn mama fixed

Oh heyyyyyy Mamas and friends of Mamas. Turns out this motherhood thing is awesome...and super crazy! Luckily the badass Mamas of The Burn Family get that. You know we're on the same page, like-minded babes raising babes. That's why we crafted the 15% Burn Mama Discount!

 Last month we had an afternoon of sweat, boss ladies, and a delish dinner, thanks to our friends at Zest Nutrition.  The Registered Dietitians for Sports Nutrition and Pediatrics at OHSU, Megan and Anna, taught us how to stay fueled and stay healthy on the run.

We have more Burn Mama community events in the work!  But in the meantime here's a page from the AWESOME nutrition guide Zest made our Burn Mamas.  If you like what you're reading, or are generally interested in more nutritional information we cannot reccomend Zest enough!  Check them out HERE.