Meet the Managers

Meet the Managers

Meet our new studio managers: Dom and Carlin! When they’re not in the lobby connecting with clients, they’re running around town, in the office crunching numbers, in the studio scrubbing bikes and doing everything in between to ensure that BurnCycle runs smoothly. These BOSSES are perfect for the job and we could not do it all without them!

In order to help the Burn Army get to know them a little better, we did a little rapid fire Q&A… Enjoy!


Name: Dom Lucia

Studio: Lake Oswego

Burniversary: August 2016

Favorite 90s song: “Feelin’ It” by Jay-Z

Favorite Netflix Show: Orange is the New Black

Celebrity Parents: Anthony Bourdain & Chrissy Tiegen

Favorite IG handle to follow: @dluciano5 ... :)

Greatest Accomplishment: Completing a 10k, 25 obstacle mud run alone (seriously... I was the only one there that was not on a team), with zero training.

When I’m not at BurnCycle: I’m most likely teaching my dog Spanish, traveling, getting my nails done, or trying to recreate Instagram model selfies.

Favorite Part about BurnCycle: The PEOPLE. I have created lifelong friendships with not only coworkers, but also clients. Also… The hand soap in the bathroom smells AMAZING.


Name: Carlin aka “Carl”

Studio: Pearl

Burniversary: June 2015

Favorite 90s song: "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera

Hidden talent: I’m really good at reenacting Kristen Wiig’s “Target Lady” skit from SNL.

Favorite IG handle to follow: @dluciano5 ;)

Favorite app: Rap Air Horn…perfect for those awkward moments...

Greatest accomplishment: Finishing a pint of Salt & Straw Ice Cream in 10 minutes.

Favorite sports team: Go Ducks!

Favorite part about BurnCycle: The energy our people bring!! It’s like four shots of espresso to the face!