• We set out to change something.
  • Not the world. Not global economics.
  • Not the healthcare system.
  • Your day.

She believed in the profound impact of the ripple effect and positive energy. If she could help you change your day, maybe you could change your week, which would change your month, and that could change your year. All it takes is one good day to be a better parent, a better boss, a better partner. A better version of yourself. Jessi Duley believed that to change your day would change the game. So she set out to create a space to make that happen.

A heart space and a head space. A place where the most hardworking, positive people in Portland would find each other and sweat, smile, encourage, inspire and connect. Somewhere people could come tap into the boundless positive energy that she would infuse into every aspect of the studio. An avid spinner, Jessi built a place with everything she craved: intensity, inspiration, and a community of hard-working hustlers getting a kick-ass workout. That place is BurnCycle.

This “pint-sized powerhouse of positivity” has one mission: to foster the “like a boss” mentality in everyone she meets. She’s a living, breathing example of taking your passions seriously without taking yourself too seriously.