What Is The Burn?

The Burn

BurnCycle is a 45-minute full-body indoor cycling class that incorporates drills to target your upper body, obliques, and core. A stationary bike is your vehicle for low-impact, high-intensity interval training. With the music as our inspiration and instructors who live to motivate, it's like going to the best dance club in town—with a life coach.

The Vibe

We don't show off, we just show up. We don't judge, compare, or critique. We uplift, we encourage, and we transform. We ride as a Pack because together we are stronger. This is our time, this is our ritual, and this is our celebration. We push our limits on an exercise bike, break out of our comfort zones, and have a ridiculously good time doing it.

The Reason

We all ride for a reason: to find clarity, to find our power, to find the best version of ourselves. We ride to feel strong in our head and our hearts. We ride to connect to our community, and we ride to find the fun in the everyday. We ride because the feeling we have when we're done can't be measured on a scale. This is more than a workout.