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Full-Body Burn

Our signature 45-minute full-body BurnCycle class incorporates drills to target your upper body, obliques and core, while using a stationary bike as a vehicle for low-impact, high-intensity interval training. With the music as our inspiration and instructors who live to motivate, it's like going to the best dance club—with a life coach.

Express Burn

Everything you love about Burn jam-packed into 30-minutes. Just enough time to get your spinning workout in during your lunch break.

Burn Basics

Ever wonder if you are doing a tap back correctly? Burn Basics is a 45-minute foundations ride covering proper spin bike setup, finding the beat, and perfecting your form. Additional instructors are also on hand to answer any questions and correct form.

Power Hour

Ready to take your burn to the next level? This 60-minute spinning class features our signature full-body class with a few more songs and a lot more sweat!