The Pack

The Pack

@burncyclesea rollin' up to Portland for the weekend like... 🕶👊🏼 - SEA instructor, Taylor, is bringing the Seattle #burnhardplayhard jam south for the weekend and poppin' up on the Pearl schedule TOMORROW. 💥💥 - [hit the link in our bio to grab your bike] - #SEATakeover #thisisourpack #bookyourbike #PDX

Forecast says hot with a chance of HOTTER. We say this calls for a Hot August Days DEAL. 🔥💦 - 3 classes for $45? Done and done. Head to the link in our bio ➡️💥 - [valid for 12p + 6p classes in Lake Oswego. Offer ends 8/31] - #hotaugustdays #sweatwithus #LO

That Thursday night COMEBACK 💥💦 - We get it. You have a standing appointment with happy hour on Thursdays. Turns out, the #werk isn't gonna do itself. - GET HERE FIRST. You'll thank us [especially Lauren ⬆️] later. - [link in bio] - #BurnHardPlayHard 🔥🔥

MOOD. - Because it’s Friday and we’re fresh out of f*cks to give 🤔⌛️⛔️ - COME AT US, WEEKEND. 💥💥💥 - #burnhardplayhard 📸: @paosanchezmedia

HOT AUGUST DAYS. 🔥☀️💦 - Our version of celebrating the final weeks of summer? 3 classes for $45. 👊🏼 - Ready. Set. CHECK YOUR INBOX. - #hotaugustdays #dealsondealsondeals #burnintheburbs 📸: @paosanchezmedia

THAT. SMILE. - There's a reason she's the one on the schedule Monday morning at 6am... ☀️🦄🙌🏼 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best person to start your week with + the fave friend to all. We love you, Stacey! Jury’s still out on how we feel about those quad-murdering chase-the-beat-filled playlists, though... [hurts. so. good.] 🔥❤️ - #burnfam #thisisourpack #burnintheburbs #PDX - 📸: @mattgt3

They’re not mad that you haven’t booked your weekend bike. - They’re juuuust disappointed. - YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. 😏💥📲 - #weekendwarriors #showup 📸: @paosanchezmedia

And just like that, she closes one chapter to open the next.... - WE’RE NOT CRYING. YOU ARE. 😩😭 - PDX will miss this sweet, genuine soul more than she knows but life is on the other line waiting for adventure and Nashville is lucky to have our girl, Shawna ❤️💃🏼 - WE LOVE YOU, SHAWNA! If you ask us, your home will always be right here at Burn. 🔥⚡️✨ - #eyesaresweating #again #family #thisisourpack #PDX

If you haven’t seen her do her thing yet, it’s about time you change that. - FOR THE LOVE OF MVMT + JOY, GET HERE ⬇️⬇️⬇️ CCA Summer Joy Games Sunday, July 22 8:30-11:00a Providence Park [link to tix in bio💜] - We’re not saying you haaaaave to wear body glitter. It’s just strongly recommended. ✨🦄👑 - #SummerJoyGames #BurnMVMT #allglittereverything #movetogether #powerofjoy #dogoodfeelgood

Get off the sidelines and JOIN US. 🔥⚡️ - CCA SUMMER JOY GAMES Aka a morning of movement + JOY on the field of Providence Park..... 💜A family-friendly (and competitive-friendly 💥) decathlon with the Burn Team 💜A BurnMVMT workout with Lianne + crew (!!!) 💜A morning with the best people in PDX (Psst. That’s you. TAG IN 🙌🏼) - SHOW UP [or have #fomo], BURN ARMY. - [link for tix in bio // all ages welcome] - #summerjoygames #showup #dogoodfeelgood #burnMVMT

⚡️THE CHARMER⚡️ He'll smooth talk you into a 1 minute standing run and you won't question it. Former athlete by trade, he's un💥stoppable💥 on the bike and we can't contain our excitement for him to take the stage! 🔥🔥🔥 MEET DEREK. Ride with him for *free* community rides: WED, 7/18 // 8:30A // LO FRI, 7/20 // 8:30A // PEARL WED, 7/25 // 8:30A // LO FRI, 7/27 // 8:30A // PEARL - #CommunityRides #bookyourbike #PDX

Ohhh HEY BIRTHDAY GIRL 😍 - Happy birthday to this strong-as-hell [hi BICEPS] badass that makes a 6am Burn class feel like a Friday night RAGER. Help us show Lauren some birthday LOVE, Burn Army! 🎉👑💥 - #BicepsForDAYS #BirthdayQueen #ThisIsOurPack 📸: @mattgt3

Oh HEY BIRTHDAY BAE! 😍 Happy birthday to this strong-as-hell [hi BICEPS] badass that makes a 6am Burn class feel like a Friday night RAGER. Help us show Lauren some LOVE, Burn Army!! 🎉👑💥 - #BicepsForDAYS #BirthdayQueen #ThisIsOurPack #PDX

The rumors are true... This heartbreaker is taking her talents to Nashville... - *Queue collective UGLY CRY* 💔😭 - And her farewell tour in the Pearl starts NOW: SUN, 10A MON, 6A WED, 5:30P THU, 9:30A Sweaty hugs + ugly cries all around for this cowgirl. Don’t miss it, Burn Army! 💃🏼⚡️ - #FarewellTour #BookYourBike #BurnFam #ThisIsOurPack

THEY'VE DONE IT AGAIN. - Portland Gear comin' in HOT with a collab we can't say no to 🙌🏼🔥 - Limited Edition CCA Summer Joy Games hats now available in studio! 💜👏🏼 - [Adult + Kids sizes available // 15% proceeds directly benefit @ccajoyrx ! // limited quantity!] - #SummerJoyGames #collab #PortlandGear

TICKETS ARE ON SALE + IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS EVE. 😍🙌🏼 - Grab your spot for our biggest BurnMVMT of the year before the #FOMO kicks in... [link in bio // all proceeds benefit @ccajoyrx ] - #Repost @burnmvmt ・・・ CCA Summer Joy Games tickets are now LIVE. 💜⚡️💥 - A morning of movement + fundraising to provide joy to Children's Cancer Association families on the field of Providence Park? - IT'S ON. - CCA Summer Joy Games tickets are now LIVE. Link in bio. [check your inbox for full details] #SummerJoyGames #CCA #DoGoodFeelGood

We couldn't lock down a surprise @justintimberlake performance so we got you a double on the schedule instead... 🎁🎈💥 This party starter is celebrating another trip around the sun and we're feelin' pretty lucky to have her on our side. Happy Birthday, Dana! Help us give her some LOVE. #PartyStartorBUST

Nothing like a little friendly [read: fierce] competition to level up a Burn Army fundraiser... 💥💯⚔️ - 3 TEAMS X 3 WEEKS X 1 GOAL: $20,000 for the Children’s Cancer Association 💜 - WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?! [🔗 in bio] - #SummerJoyGames #TeamEast #TeamWest #TeamBurbs