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The Pack

And that's what we like to call CHALLENGE [f*cking] CRUSHED. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 - We kickstarted our 2019 as a collective of Good F*cking Humans & now we can officially say WELCOME TO THE CLUB. - NOW WHAT? These good deeds don't just expire after today. Now it's up to you to carry these habits throughout 2019... But first, come grab that badge of honor and party with us on tomorrow. YOU EARNED IT 💥💥💥 - #TheYearOfGoodF*ckingHumans #30DaysCrushed

FINAL WEEK FEEELS 😍😍😍 - Only 3 more days until we can say CHALLENGE COMPLETED // CHALLENGE CRUSHED 💪🏼🤯 - && there's NO better way to celebrate crushing the Challenge than a BurnCycle party 😏-- hit the link in our bio to confirm your RSVP! - #ChallengeCrushers #PartyTime #FinalCountdown

Calling all Jan. Challenge Crushers.. -'s [ALMOST] time to celebrate... 💯💥 Annnd trust us when we say you should probably check your inbox... like right now 📩👀 - #aintnopartylikeaburncycleparty

Week Four of the Jan. Challenge calls for theme rides on theme rides & we are NOT messing around. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 - The schedule is STACKED + we got a little something for everyone.. check out our stories for the full lineup 🔥 - #LetsRage #ThemeRideMadness #PDX

It’s not about being "off" today. It’s about being ON. - Today and every day, we stand firmly in our belief that there is ALWAYS more we can do for others to bring more peace, equality and kindness into the world. ❤️ - #MLKDay #Community #ThisIsOurPack

Eighteen days in + feeling alllll the Jan. Challenge feels 💫💫😍 - Today's challenge is all about READING and we're taking some tips from Jamie aka our Burn resident reader. Peep our stories for more on how you can better incorporate reading into your everyday life 👀📕 - #TrainerTip #WeekendsAtBurn #JanuaryChallenge #beagoodhuman

This weekend, we're encouraging you to TREAT YO' SELF 💆🏻🙏🏼⚡️ - "Work hard, relax hard. Set your goals for the week to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s riding an extra day this week or completing extra Good [f*cking humans] Deeds, let’s take it up a notch. As a reward, plan some self care at the end of the week as your reward. Whether it’s pre-booking yourself a massage, setting aside time to take a bath, taking yourself out to one of your favorite restaurants, or whatever fills your cup. You’ll work harder knowing that you will get to relax and recover after completing your goal." - @danielleelucia - Happy weekending, Burn Army! - #BurnHardPlayHard #GOALS #TreatYoSelf

THIS is what the Burn Community is all about ⬇️⬇️🙌🏼 #Repost @dr_annado - - - - - - This morning I went to @burncyclepdx 🚴🏼‍♀️ @mrsduley taught class this AM and she is a force and a true inspiration 💪🏼 When I first moved to PDX I was alone and had zero friends. I joined #BurnCycle because I wanted to get back into cycling post residency. I was hooked after my first class, not only because it kicks your booty 🍑 but the community is what keeps me coming back. For the first year I lived here I would walk into Burn and felt like I had a community, I felt less isolated and alone in this space, for that I am so grateful 🙏🏼 If you live in PDX they have two locations in LO and the Pearl. Check it out! Pro tip: find a community that offers more then just a good work out, exercise should promote self love, boost confidence and self-acceptance.

DAY EIGHT GOOD [f*cking humans] DEED: Challenge yourself this week to work meditation into your everyday life. - "Every morning I try to get centered before I start my day with some type of meditative practice-- whether it is vocally expressing it, putting pen to paper, using an app to guide me, or sending a few texts to the people in my life I appreciate, I commit to practicing gratitude and mindfulness before I start every day. This makes me a participant in my life rather than a spectator, a powerful tool that I think all of us need to be reminded of daily!" - @janessamast - #TrainerTip #AttitudeOfGratitude #BeaGoodHuman

Six days down. Over 500+ participants. HERE'S OUR WHY: #Repost @mrsduley - - - - - - GOOD F*CKING HUMANS CLUB 2019. It’s an earned thing. And it’s happening now. • The story behind this: I got these made for my team, and once you started working for us and proved yourself to be a good f*cking human (the only kind of humans I want on my team) I would give you one coveted sticker and then make very direct eye contact and remind you that this sticker can also revoked at anytime. WE HAVE STANDARDS HERE. 🦅⚔️🚁 • Along the way we realized that you can get a great workout a lot of places, but what you get from this team and this community is the very best HUMANS to help you rise to the occasion of your life and hold you accountable for not being an lowlife. (🤷🏼‍♀️👊🏻#Imnotwrongtho). AKA we believe self esteem comes from doing esteemed things, like hard AF workouts AND things that good f*cking humans do. Action leads to esteem which leads to self worth which leads to confidence which makes solid-salt-of-the-earth-good-f*cking-humans SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS? 🤘🏻💥🍸 • I think this is our best challenge yet. I MEAN CAN YOU IMAGINE? All of us kicking off the new year rising together to be good f*cking humans? (#actuallyican) I mean Think about that ripple effect? 😭✨🌪🔥💫 • Today is day 1, check out @burncyclepdx and @burncyclesea stories for all the inspo from our communities! And it’s never too late to sign up!

"Start your rest days by giving yourself at least one nice compliment! Waking up by saying, ‘I’m proud of what I’ve done this past week,’ rather than building guilt WILL make your day better. And the next time you work out, don’t think of it as working off the day before, think of it more as a reset/start button for the next few days to feel rejuvenated and ready to work hard when you get in the studio!” - @kelly.j.robinson - Whether you're finishing up your weekly ride goal or taking a rest day, listen to your body and have a killer weekend, Burn Army! - #TrainerTip #BeAGoodHuman #JanuaryChallenge #DoGoodFeelGood #BurnArmy

Lookin' at Day 3 and that New Rider deal like... 👀😍 - AKA: First two classes for $15. We'll let you do the math 🙌🏼🙌🏼 - PLUS- It's not too late to sign up for the Challenge. And every Jan Challenge is better with a buddy... So tag your Burn newbies + get them in on this! - [valid online or in studio] - #RideWithUs #BeAGoodHuman #JanuaryChallenge #NewYearNewBurn

New Year, New Challenge, *NEW* RAINBOW WALLS!!! - Say hello to your new + improved IG backdrop... YOU'RE WELCOME. If you didn't know, now ya know, and if you haven't seen it in person... do what you need to do to get to either studio (Pearl + LO!) to see what's good. - Because we just couldn't stand to not get in on all the rainbow wall goodness that was goin' on up at @burncyclesea 😏😍💥🙌 - Oh, and if you haven't signed up for the January Challenge yet, here's your chance... [link in bio!] - #NewYearNewBurn #allrainboweverything #beagoodhuman #januarychallenge #YAAAAS

Only TWO more days to show 2018 WHAT'S UP 👊🏼👊🏼 Join us for the final rides of the year tomorrow for NYE Burn 💥 - [[ Monday, 12/31: 6/7/9am @ PEARL // 8/9am @ LO ]] - #NewYearsAtBurn #2019 #BurnHardPlayHard

LAST DAY TO GRAB YOUR DISCOUNTED CLASS PACKS! - Get 15% off 10 + 20 packs in-studio (we're here until 6:30pm!) and online with code: HolidaysAtBurn15. The January Challenge is coming... don't sleep on this. 👏🏼 - #FlashSale #HolidaysAtBurn #BurnCyclePDX

Friendly reminder that there's less than 5 days until Christmas...😳😅 - IT'S FINE, EVERYTHING'S FINE.. because we’re open *special hours* tomorrow thru Sunday ++ we have NEW HOLIDAY APPAREL so you can consider your shopping done & DONE. Check out our stories for details 👏🏼 - #HolidaysAtBurn #BurnApparel #ThisIsOurPack #PDXHoliday

JANUARY CHALLENGE SIGN UPS ARE NOW LIVE! - Hit the link in bio to join us in making 2019 the year of Good F*cking Humans. - #JanuaryChallenge #BeAGoodHuman #DoGoodFeelGood #ThisIsOurPack

💥 FLASH SALE 💥 - From now until Friday, 12/21: Get 15% off all BurnCycle PDX 10 + 20 packs // Avail. in studio or online with code: HolidaysAtBurn15 - #BurnSale #FlashSale #HolidaysAtBurn