The Pack

Welcome to our Pack! Stay up to date on all the Burn Army happenings via Instagram! You’ll find sweet deals, anniversaries, special events, and plenty of workout inspiration. #thisisourpack

The Pack

Halloween at Burn? YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. - [cue: Thank You for Being a Friend 🎶] - COSTUME CONTEST RIDES NEXT WEEKEND. Winner takes home $100 gift card or 5 class pack. 💰💰 - Yup. You heard that right. 🏆👵🏻🎃 [SAT, 10/27: LO: 8/9/10AM II Pearl: 11AM] #throwback #costumecontest #halloweenatburn #thisisourpack #PDX

Never a dull moment... 😍✨🎉 Happy birthday to the life of the freakin' PARTY. The world would be a much better place if everyone took a note from Michelle's book of living every day with the biggest energy and even BIGGER positivity. - WE LOVE YOU, MICHELLE! - #birthdayburn #burnfam #neveradullmoment #thisisourpack #PDX @paosanchezmedia

You can’t NOT be smiling from ear to freakin’ EAR with this guy around. 🤩 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guy who’s stolen our hearts with his incomparable love for life— And his spontaneous mid-class splits. Those splits definitely help. [if you know you know. And if you don’t know- GET TO HIS CLASS. STAT.] - WE LOVE YOU, @coachtra ❤️💥🔥 - #burnfam #midclasssplits #joblove #PDX

As in: Britney vs. Rihanna. 👊💃💥💫 - The QUEEN of theme rides is back at it again with a theme ride of our DREAMS. Sat, 10/13 // Britney vs. Rihanna Theme Ride // Emily // LO // DON'T MISS IT. - #themeride #girlpower #saturdaysweat #weekendwarrior #burnintheburbs #thisisourpack

#WCW - Meet Claire, our studio manager, and Realle, our assistant studio manager: The new leading ladies of the Pearl! The problem solvers and day makers to every account issue, bike fix, studio strategy, client celebration, staff question...we could go on.... These two fill our Pearl studio with all the TLC it needs and we are BEYOND grateful for them. 😍💥✨ Help us show them some L O V E, Burn Army! - #WomanCrushEVERYDAY #pearldistrict #burnfam #thisisourpack #PDX

Need we say more? Tickets now LIVE. - Space is extremely limited. Link in bio. - #BurnMVMTxFightingPretty #breastcancerawarenessmonth #October25 #burnmvmt #pinkbeerorbust #burnhardplayhard #PDX

Waiting for you to book your bikes for the week like...... 👀👀💥 ++ THREE of these instructors are taking over new class times this week. Schedule is updated + LIVE // Link in bio. - #scheduleswitchup #bookyourbike #sweatschedule #PDX @paosanchezmedia

We feel the SAME about an SEA takeover... 🤘🏽👊🏽 - KATY, our OG from BURN SEA, is slidin’ onto that Sunday Pearl schedule for *ONE CLASS ONLY*. Annnnnd this pic pretty much sums up her vibe 💥💯⚡️ - Book your bike. ➡️🔥 - #SEAtoPDX #burncycleseattle #SEAtakeover #thisisourpack #burnthenbrunch #PDX

MOOD. - Because this girl is 💥CANCER FREE💥 and we just released details for our October BurnMVMT for #breastcancerawarenessmonth with our friends at @fightingpretty + @dirtyprettypdx ⚡️💞🍻 [check your inbox] - We’ll raise a middle “F CANCER” finger to that... !!! 👊🏼🏆💥✔️🔥 - #burnmvmtXfightingpretty #watchliannewin #fightingpretty #fuckcancer #noboobsnoproblem #burnmvmt #PDX

Burn Army- Jessi Duley here. - In light of recent events, we feel it’s imperative to restate to our community that we are a female-led organization steadfastly dedicated to female empowerment. We believe women and we believe in the power of women. This is not about politics. This is about humanity. To every member of our team, to every member of our community and to every human out there feeling the weight of last week and the coming days: we are here for you. We get it. We see it. We see you. We are in your corner, faithfully supporting whatever it is you need to process and get stronger. We’ve got you. Stay strong and breathe family, together we will rise. ❤️ With love, gratitude + solidarity, Jessi + The Burn Team

HALF A DECADE DOWN. 5️⃣🔥✔️ - And tomorrow, we PARTY in LO + the Pearl to celebrate the final day of the Challenge and FIVE YEARS of this Burn Fam... - We’re thinking: Flashback Friday with fancy bubbly? Done + DONE. 🍾💥 - #5Years #burniversary #bookyourbike #OTB #poppinbottles #flashbackfriday #thisisourpack #PDX

💥LAST CHANCE💥 The word is out- @meesh_butler is taking her talents up north for a few months to get down with the @burncyclesea crew! ⚡️🔥😍 - You have 3 CHANCES to catch before she’s off: ⚡️TONIGHT, 9/24 @ 5:30/6:30p ⚡️TOMORROW, 9/25 @ 5:30p - Don’t sweat it, she’s leaving you in good hands [HI @jamieopra @differentceilings + @mrsduley ] and she’ll be back on her regularly scheduled class times before you know it! - #burnfam #bookyourbike #PDXtoSEA #lastchance #thisisourpack 📸: @janessamast

Our take on building a #beyhive in the Pearl. 🐝🍯🍋👑 - 11 DAYS LEFT. - #ONTHEBURN #teamBey #pearldistrict #challengeaccepted #PDX

same / same. - 🍋LEMONADE RIDE 🍋 TOMORROW / 5:30p / DANA - #ONTHEBURN #holdup #themeride #spotthedifference #PDX

... need we say more? 😍😍😍 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our OG Burn KIIIING. Gone are the days of bike shorts and neon compression socks (@wemcycle - we’ll spare you the photo evidence, but ONLY because it’s your birthday 😉) but one thing remains- we’re still following your lead on finding that edge and you’re still sporting that heart of pure-freaking-GOLD (despite the 90 second standing runs, no mercy, etc... 💀) - From all of us in the Burn Army fam, we LOVE you, Will!! 🔥👑❤️ - #burnfamily #OG #thisisourpack #PDX

To the guy who slays a Drake theme ride, makes resilience look easy, and who, without fail, is ALWAYS FIRST to show up for the team and this community, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. - We love you, Josh!! You’re a real one and we’re feelin’ beyond grateful to have you in this fam. 💥👑🏆 - #FAMILY #thisisourpack #PDX

✨9.14.18: On The Burn Challenge✨ - Pssst- There’s a pair of OTR II Tour tickets on the line and sign ups are now LIVE. - Ready? GO. 🛎 - [check your inbox / link in bio] - #ONTHEBURN

**IMPORTANT** Burn Army- We need your help. Today is Lianne’s final day of her current chemo treatment and she’s requested DANCE VIDEOS from her people (*ehem* that’s YOU) to use as a much needed distraction. - Today is your chance to show up for Lianne the way she’s shown up for all of us! Tag @basic_li , @burncyclepdx , and #watchliannewin in your dance videos on your stories or on your feed. *Costumes, 90s hip hop bangers, and body rolls not required, but always encouraged. - [We blocked Lianne for the day (#sorrynotsorry) so we can surprise her with the flood of videos!] - You have one job: Dance at the grocery store, dance in the pre-school pick up line, dance in the board room... JUST DANCE. 💃🏽🕺🏻💃🏼🕺🏾 - #watchliannewin #dancelikeyougiveadamn #warriorwoman #dancingqueen #thisisourpack #PDX