The Pack

The Pack

PORTLAND PIZZA WEEK. Because this city has its priorities straight... 🍕🍕🍕 Forecast says blue skies and $2 slices alllllll weekend long. And we’re big on #BALANCE. You have our hearts, PORTLAND! 💯⚡️🤘🏼 #portlandpizzaweek #burnhardplayhard #thisisourpack #PIZZA #eatpizzaeveryday #PDX

Burn Army- Meet THE LAB. 💥 • In January, we opened the doors to our cross training studio on the east side and now it’s time to make things officially OFFICIAL: We’ve brought the best of both together so your BurnCycle account now works for booking classes at both BurnCycle + The Lab. And DUH your first class at @thelabxburn is on us... Check your inbox for all the details! 🔥🏆 ✖️Strength train like a badass.✖️Hit the bike like a boss. ✖️REPEAT. ✖️ ••• #TheLabXBurn #movetolive #livetomove #thisisourpack #PDX #burnmvmt

Woman Crush Wednesdays? Get Weird Wednesdays? However you wanna spin it, our Wednesday nights in the Pearl just LEVELED UP with back-to-back 🔥🔥🔥 from these two... Book those bikes and make it happen because that Wednesday night #FOMO is gonna be REAL. 🎉 5:30p // SHAWNA 6:30p // KIRA ••• #workoutwednesdays #getweird #bookyourbike #thisisourpack #PDX

Oh excuse us, @sun_cycle ... 🛴💨FLASHBACK FRIDAY because Kira is mobbin’ straight to the burbs this weekend for some DOUBLE TROUBLE and you know the FOMO will be reeeeal if you miss out. Grab a bike, hop on the waitlist, do what you need to do because it’s gonna be 🔥🔥🔥... (!!!) [SAT, 9/10am // LO] ••• #skrtskrt #burnintheburbs #weekendwarriors #thisisourpack

The Party Starter. 💥 . The Ride or Die. 👑 . The get-on-her-level-or-get-out GAME CHANGER 🥊💃🏼🤩 . Happy birthday, Lianne! Thanks for always, ALWAYS bringing the 🔥 with your quad-crushing, soul-filling, 45 minute beam-your-face-off RAGERS. WE LOVE YOU! ❤️ ••• #makeitjuicy #bloodymarytime #fixyourhair #bestdayever #PDX

SPRING BREAK CHALLENGE RULES: ⚡️Starting THIS SATURDAY, 3/24 thru next FRIDAY, 3/30, ride 7 times in 7 days. ⚡️Pick up your tracker in studio to keep up with your progress. ⚡️COMPLETE the challenge and get entered to win a 🔥BURN VACAY🔥 AKA: a one-night stay to a @provenancehotel in SEATTLE and pre-booking//all inclusive classes at @burncyclesea + brunch at our fave spot on Capitol Hill 🏆🏆🏆 7 days of Burn AND a chance to vacay on us?! Sounds like a win-win if you ask us... grab your 7-class pack, your tracker, and BOOK THOSE BIKES. 😎☀️🌴 #sunBURN2018 #7in7 #giveaway #burnvacay #PDX

Coming soon: SPRING BREAK CORE CHALLENGE. 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 It’s not about a waist line size. It’s about strengthening the muscles that LITERALLY get you out of bed every morning— That means 7 days of guided core workout videos comin’ in HOT to @burnmvmt to coincide with our Spring Break 7-in-7 Challenge... (!!!)🌴☀️💥⚔️ [March 24-30th || Sign up for our Challenge in studio // check out the videos: @burnmvmt ] #sunBURN2018 #7in7 #corechallenge #thisisourpack #PDX

THAT TEASE OF SUNSHINE 😍😎 We forgot what it felt like to walk out of the house without 17 layers on. Bring on the rosé and 58 degree PNW sun-bathers because it’s official: Spring Break at Burn is upon us...☀️🌴🍍 It’s out with the old and in with the *ALL NEW* Spring Break 7-in-7 Challenge at Burn- with an EPIC giveaway at the end... 🏆🥇 THE GIST: Ride 7 times in 7 days ⚡️Get entered to win our BURN VACAY GIVEAWAY: A one-night stay in Seattle at @hotel_max or @theodoreseattle thanks to our friends at @provenancehotel, all-inclusive classes to @burncyclesea, brunch on us at our fave spot on Capitol Hill, and MORE. ⚡️Check your inbox for all the details because OF COURSE there’s more... #gobigorgohome 💥GET AT US, SPRING BREAK💥 ••• #sunBURN2018 #BurnVACAY #owneverymoment #partypants #thisisourpack #PDX

⚡️WE’RE HIRING!⚡️ #JobLove takes on a whole new meaning when you get to work with your P E O P L E every. single. day. The Pearl studio is on the hunt for day makers, hustlers, and customer service gurus to join their ah-maaaazing front desk team! Sound like you or someone you know? Email resumes to 💥 We can’t wait to hear from you! ••• #burnfam #burnhardplayhard #pdxjobs #thisisourpack #PDX

Still on CLOUD NINE from yesterday’s TEAM SWEAT... 👏🏼🔥💦 Sunday scaries don’t exist when you have teams like these. S/O to our lululemon PEOPLE for filling our studio with the greatest energy for 45 minutes of Burn x lulu sweat + team time 🙏🏼💥⚡️🍋 #teamtime #findyourpeople #lululemon #thisisourpack #PDX

“Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry.” 👊🏽👊🏼👊🏿 In a company run by female 💥POWERHOUSES💥, International Women’s Day means celebrating the strong-as-hell bosses that play an incredibly powerful role in spreading positivity across PDX. Today, and all other days, we praise women like these three behind-the-scenes joy seekers // day makers and all others that are steadfastly dedicated to bringing empowerment, positivity, and strength to this place day after day. ❤️⚡️❤️⚡️ ••• #iwd2018 #internationalwomensday #girlpower #pressforprogress #thisisourpack #PDX

Talk about #MotivationMonday ... 💪🏼🔥‼️ 76 days post-op from his achilles surgery, @themakepeace started his Monday morning back on the saddle and we are SO. STOKED to have him home. 🏠❤️ Welcome back, Josh!! We’ll see you on the schedule soon... ••• #nevermissamonday #thisisourpack #PDX

When worlds Burn collide... 🌎⚡️😍 Happy Saturday, Burn Army!! ••• #findyourpeople #PortlandxSeattle #ThisIsOurPack #PDX #SEA

HEY LO: It’s time to level up our Burn in the ‘burbs game with NEW CLASS TIMES... 🔥🎉⚡️ Thurs: 7am ✔️ Fri: 12pm ✔️ Sun: POWER HOUR / 11am ✔️✔️✔️ GAME ON, Lake Oswego...🤺 [link in bio to book bikes] ••• 📸: @mattgt3 #burnintheburbs #newclasstimes #thisisourpack #PDX

Makin it to Friday in icy Portland like... 🙏🏼❄️🔥 Get after it this weekend, Burn Army! 💥 ••• #friYAY #weekendwarriors #thisisourpack #PDX

Our goal is to make the days of those that are out to change the world. ⚡️🤲🏼🌎 • Help us help some of our fellow PDX community members who could benefit from consistent exposure to positivity, empowerment, and building a healthy lifestyle but have limited access due to barriers of cost, transportation, and so on. • LAST CHANCE CALL TO ACTION: We are gifting two, all-inclusive 1-year memberships to Burn and we want to hear stories from YOU, the people who know our community best. Submit a friend, submit a family member, submit yourself. ANY and ALL stories welcome. ❤️ Send your one-page PDF submissions to by TOMORROW, 2/23 at midnight. #PayItForward #Community #dogoodfeelgood #thisisourpack #PDX

AUDITIONS ARE COMING... ⚔️ Instructor Auditions | March 25th | Must have 30 BurnCycle rides prior to audition [more info to come.] ••• 📸: @mattgt3 #savethedate #auditions #thisisourpack #PDX

Hair on point ✔️ Shoe game strong ✔️ Heart of PURE-FREAKIN’ GOLD ✔️✔️✔️ Happy birthday, Colin!! You’re one hell of a guy, brightening days left and right and we’re so lucky to call you FAMILY. 🔥⚡️🤙🏼 ••• #burnfam #burnbirthday #thisisourpack #PDX