The Pack

The Pack

Makin it to Friday in icy Portland like... 🙏🏼❄️🔥 Get after it this weekend, Burn Army! 💥 ••• #friYAY #weekendwarriors #thisisourpack #PDX

Our goal is to make the days of those that are out to change the world. ⚡️🤲🏼🌎 • Help us help some of our fellow PDX community members who could benefit from consistent exposure to positivity, empowerment, and building a healthy lifestyle but have limited access due to barriers of cost, transportation, and so on. • LAST CHANCE CALL TO ACTION: We are gifting two, all-inclusive 1-year memberships to Burn and we want to hear stories from YOU, the people who know our community best. Submit a friend, submit a family member, submit yourself. ANY and ALL stories welcome. ❤️ Send your one-page PDF submissions to by TOMORROW, 2/23 at midnight. #PayItForward #Community #dogoodfeelgood #thisisourpack #PDX

AUDITIONS ARE COMING... ⚔️ Instructor Auditions | March 25th | Must have 30 BurnCycle rides prior to audition [more info to come.] ••• 📸: @mattgt3 #savethedate #auditions #thisisourpack #PDX

Hair on point ✔️ Shoe game strong ✔️ Heart of PURE-FREAKIN’ GOLD ✔️✔️✔️ Happy birthday, Colin!! You’re one hell of a guy, brightening days left and right and we’re so lucky to call you FAMILY. 🔥⚡️🤙🏼 ••• #burnfam #burnbirthday #thisisourpack #PDX

Because there is nothing quite like the power of positivity. 💫 The BurnCycle community is built on the ripple effect. If we can change your day, maybe that could change your week, your month, or even your year. ⚡️ We know there are people in our PDX community who could greatly benefit from consistent exposure to positivity, empowerment, and building a healthy lifestyle of movement but have limited access to communities like ours due to barriers of cost, transportation, internet access, and so on. • THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION: Do you know someone who needs re-energizing? A source of empowerment? Someone who just needs a community? We are gifting two, all-inclusive, 1-year memberships to BurnCycle and we want to hear stories from YOU, the people who know this community best. ❤️ [Check your inbox for details. Send your one-page submissions outlining someone you think could benefit from our community to One-page PDFs due by midnight on 2/23] #PayItForward #BurnFamily #community #dogoodfeelgood #thisisourpack #PDX

Real. Wise. Genuine. Loyal. Compassionate. Hard working. [The list (read: diary, file cabinet, etc.) goes on and on] 📝📒🗃 Bottom line, EVERYONE NEEDS A STEPH. We were going to celebrate with a series we like to call, “The Evolution of Steph Worth: Hair Edition”, but since it’s your day, we’ll save that for another time... 😏 Happy Birthday to our DAY ONE, Steph! WE LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️❤️ ••• #burnbirthday #rideordie #thisisourpack #PDX

REBEL HOUR: Flexibility x Mobility. Tomorrow, Sunday, 10am w/ Jessika. This is our test kitchen. We’re always striving to innovate and deliver new ways to move your body to improve holistic health. Join us for a 60 minute Rebel Hour of deep stretching, foam rolling, and recovery. 🙏 ••• #RebelHour #LabRats #TestKitchen #fitness #PDX

BurnCycle x BurnMVMT Jan Challenge 2018: WE OUT. ✌🏼 ••• Well that was fun/hard/empowering/exhausting/sweaty/transformative/AMAZING and everything in between... Feb ‘18 and beyond: GET. AT. US. 😤⚔️🤘🏼🔥 ••• #burnMVMT #janchallenge #thisisourpack #togetherwearestronger #PDX

541 people. 10 states. 6 countries. DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! 🤯 Another January. Another Challenge SLAYED. And another amazing start to the year. 2018: You’re OUR YEAR 🤺🏆⚡️ AND OF COURSE: this weekend, WE PARTY. Get in on our Friday/Saturday #BurnMVMT Party Rides- Challenge participants will be entered to win swag bags(🤘🏼) *during* class every other song. [Think: Oprah’s Favorite Things. But Burn.] All the love for all the Jan Challenge energy.. 🏆🔥🏆🔥 Book those bikes, Burn Army!! ••• #janchallenge #CRUSHED #thisisourpack #PDX

We call it, “Challenge: CONQUERED.” 🏆🤺🔥💥 DAY 30. Feeling strong. Feeling fine. Feeling accomplished as hell. We made it to the end and victory is OURS. Can we get a slow clap? Because YOU DID THAT, BURN ARMY! 🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿 #Day30 #30in30 #burnMVMT #januarychallenge #thisisourpack #PDX

We’re pickin’ up on those Day 29 vibes you’re throwin’ down...💃🏼🕺🏻💥 29 days down. 1 to go. Show January what you’re MADE OF, Burn Army! 🔥⚔️🏆 ••• #burnMVMT #januarychallenge #likeaboss #thisisourpack #PDX

FINAL COUNTDOWN // FRIDAY FEELS 💥 Let’s talk about SELF TALK. As we head into the final weekend of the Jan Challenge with just 5 days left, that inner “I GOT THIS” feeling is probably strong as ever... It may feel like a slow build process but that positive self talk is something worth listening to. 👊🏼💪🏼 But juuuuuuust in case you needed a little Friday nudge... YOU GOT THIS, BURN ARMY. 🏆⚡️🤩 ••• #Day25 #30in30 #burnMVMT #januarychallenge #finalstretch #thisisourpack #PDX

C R U S H I N G I T 💥 #WCW goes out to the front desk team gettin' their #30in30 in. Like the BOSSES they are... WE SEE YOU. 🤩🔥💪🏼 ••• #burnteam #burnmvmt #januarychallenge #thisisourpack #PDX

OKAY SEATTLE. We see you 👀 Our sisters up north are RISING UP. Follow our fam at @burncyclesea to see them in action as they take to the streets of Capitol Hill and mobilize change for sisters everywhere. 🎀⚡️🔥👊🏼 #womxnsmarchseattle #Repost @burncyclesea ・・・ ⚡️WOMEN’S MARCH 2.0 ⚡️ The Burn Army stands with the Womxn in Action of Seattle as they take over Capitol Hill and march right past our doors THIS SATURDAY. 🚨 ✔️Tonight, come sweat with us at 6:30 then join us for a Burn + Brew // Women’s March Poster Making Party @ Redhook BrewLab (first beer is on them!) ✔️Ride with us Saturday morning— Tessa + Danielle are throwing down with Womxn in Action-inspired playlists. Then take to the streets, join the march, or watch from the studio! Let’s Ride. Let’s march. Let’s RISE UP. ❤️❤️❤️ • #womensmarch #seattle #SEA #thisisourpack

#TBT to the calm before the storm... Posters are more than halfway full and the MVMT is going STRONG. Let's make things interesting... Post your weekend workouts (1/19-1/21) with the hashtag: #BurnMVMT and tag @BurnMVMT for a chance to win some BurnCycle swag on swag on swaaaaaag. 🔥🔥🔥 Show us what you got, WEEKEND THREE. 👊🏼 [check out our story for our STACKED schedule of theme rides!] ••• #januarychallenge #socialmediacontest #keepitmoving #thisisourpack #PDX

It’s not about being off today. It’s about being ON— a time for action. Today and every day, we’re incredibly inspired by the actions and words of MLK, Coretta Scott King, and all those who’ve lived and died for equality + justice. ❤️ BURN ARMY: How do you plan to honor MLK National Day of Service? ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿 #MLKDay #community #dayofservice #thisisourpack

#STICKERS 💥 Just about 1/3 of the way to 30x in 30 days and the Challenge posters are DECKED OUT for Day 9. We see you, Burn Army... 👀🏆⚡️ [There’s still time to sign up! Sign up by Friday (1/12) to get in on the action... link in bio] ••• #burnMVMT #januarychallenge #thisisourpack #pdx

Goodbye Week One and HELLO MONDAY//CHALLENGE DAY 7 💪🏼⚡️🏋🏼‍♀️ Let’s talk about RECOVERY. The thing about moving 30x in 30 days is that eventually, you will feel the BURN OUT if you don’t take recovery days when needed. That’s why we’ve partnered with our ⚡️badass⚡️ meditation teacher, @kait.hurley (!!!) to build in restorative Meditation Monday’s. She’s provided us with meditation tips + tricks // free guided meditation so we can slow down our movement and restore our bodies for the next day of #BurnMVMT !! 🙏🏼🏆💥 **Recovery still counts as MVMT (yes- that means you get a sticker...) - we like meditation, but you can also recover with restorative yoga, long walks, foam rolling, stretching, etc. [link in bio + inbox] ••• #meditationmonday #recovery #januarychallenge #PDX