The Pack

Welcome to our Pack! Stay up to date on all the Burn Army happenings via Instagram! You’ll find sweet deals, anniversaries, special events, and plenty of workout inspiration. #thisisourpack

The Pack

Throwing it back to some of these oldies but goodies to let you know... *NEW* holiday apparel dropping soon 👀😏 - #HolidaysAtBurn #FestiveAF #Portland

SEA instructors comin' in 🔥🔥🔥 - Catch em this weekend and this weekend ONLY. Get on the list, get on the waitlist (or WHATEVER you need to do to get there.) - Saturday, 12/8 // 8 am @ Pearl // Maddison w/ Brittany Sunday, 12/9 // 9 am @ Pearl // Tessa - #SEAtakeover #WeekendSweat #BurnFam

THE WORKHORSE. 👊🏽 - Don't let his calm+cool+collected vibe fool you. His passion for the Burn community paired with his instructor experience + contagious energy will push you to GET.SH*T.DONE and feel the feels every time. - [also he #slays a crop top and we're HERE FOR IT. 💥💥💥] - RIDE WITH HIM: Wednesdays in LO @ 9AM // weekends - #croptoplyfe #burnhardplayhard #BurnTeam #NewInstructor #Portland #PDX

We’re not telling you to call in sick… but we’re not, not telling you to call in sick. 😏😏😏😏😏 - KELLY + LIANNE. AKA Battle Ride of our dreams. // Tues, 11.27 [TOMORROW] // 9am @ Pearl - #ThisIsOurPack #RideWithBurn #BurnArmy

HEYO- NEW APPAREL ALERT 🚨🚨💥 - Hittin' the shelves riiiight in time for the holidays. - YOU'RE WELCOME. 😏 - #BurnApparel #ThisIsOurPack #PDX

⚡️GIVE SOME // GET SOME ⚡️ - Starting RIGHT NOW- Buy a gift card for $75 or more and get a FREE CLASS (!!!). AKA- Buy $75 in gifts and get $22 back in the form of a class on us! - Now until Sunday // In-studio only. You know what to do. 👏👀 - #YAAAS #BlackFriday #Portland #FlashSale #givesomegetsome #giftcardsale #PDX

Post-Turkey Burn feeeeels 🙏😍 - No better way to kick off Thanksgiving than with back-to-back-to-back packed classes to bring that Gratitude 🔥🔥🔥 - We are so grateful for you, Burn Army, and your forever willingness to show UP. - Happy Thanksgiving from our fam to yours! ❤️ - #BurnArmy #Thanksgiving #GratitudeMonth

Now THAT'S how we like to kick off our Monday mornings...⚡️👏🏼 You? - *SCHEDULE SWITCH UP* - Jamie is throwing down with a surprise theme ride TONIGHT. Click the link in our bio to ride with her💥💥[5:30 @ Pearl] - #burnhardplayhard #pdxfitness #mondaysweat

“If you don’t feel at home in your life, change the circumstances. If you can’t change the circumstances, change your mindset.” ✨💥 - Talking about gratitude is easy. We could do it in our sleep. But taking thoughtful action is where the real gratitude takes place. And last night- we brought that to life. - THANK YOU, Burn Army, for acting upon your gratitude in showing up for yourself and for this family, day in and day out, no matter the circumstance because of your mindset. *THIS* is what gratitude month is allllll about. - And we’ll take any chance we can get to get this dynamic duo together for an evening of giving, receiving, and reflection. ❤️❤️ Until next year! - #gratitudemonth #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #giveandreceive #gratituderide #thisisourpack #family #PDX

STARING MONDAY IN THE FACE LIKE... 👊🏼👊🏼 - Set your goals // crush them // repeat. YOU GOT THIS. - #yougotthis #motivationmonday #sweatfam #goals

We interrupt your regularly programmed Sunday scrolling to remind you... - GRATITUDE RIDES ARE NOW LIVE! - 45 minutes of spin + 45 minutes of yoga 💥💥 - SIGN UP NOW! - [LO: 11.14 w/ Emily + Stacey // PEARL: 11/15 w/ Steph + Kira] - #GRATITUDE #thisisourpack #PDX

CALLING AIR-PUNCHING, DAY-MAKING, HUSTLERS. - Want to join the Burn Team? The Pearl studio is hiring for the front desk team. YOU IN? E-mail your resume/cover letter to #BurnHardPlayHard #BurnTeam #JobLove #ThisIsOurPack #PDX

Today's the day, people... DID YOU VOTE? 💥💥 - Stop by any studio today + receive a limited edition BurnCycle x Wildfang Good F*cking Humans bandana. Look- YOU DO YOU. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for practicing your civic duty + caring about your future! - #getoutthevote #rockthevote #burnxwildfang #pdxvotes

ACCURATE. 👆🏼 - Pick up a couple [or dozens] of our *NEW* Gratitude Cards in either studio + gift your people with a good old fashioned love note. 💌💥 [TWO for $1.00] - #GRATITUDEMONTH #gratitudeinourpack #sharethelove #thisisourpack #PDX

Us @ that extra hour of sleep 😍😍😍😍😍 - IT'S DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TONIGHT. And let's be real... Your phone adjusts the time for you so you have #NOEXCUSE to show up to your bike tomorrow... - #DaylightSavings #dontbethatguy #thisisourpack #PDX

To say we're grateful would be an understatement. 🖤 - JOIN US as we kick off Gratitude Month with a morning of gratitude vinyasa flow at The Lab THIS SUNDAY w/ Stacey + Dana ✨ [9//10AM] - Grab your spot at before they're gone! #GratitudeMonth #GiveThanks #PDX

HEYYYOOOO 💥💥 Got our hands on a RARE PAT PHOTO OPP to ring in another year of the Burn's Most Interesting Man in the making... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guy that always keeps us on our toes-- from unstoppable 🔥🔥🔥playlists, hidden talents, spooks on spooks [if you know, you know], and some fierce loyalty to this Burn fam. - WE LOVE YOU PAT! - #BLESSED #burnfam #thisisourpack #PDX